• B&B Silo Systems


For the production and cultivation of liquid yeast, we have created special fermentation systems. The use of liquid yeast in the preparation of leavened baked products allows to obtain the following advantages:


  • naturalness of the product;
  • greater preservation and fragrance;
  • greater digestibility;
  • enhancement of flavours and aromas;
  • relaxing action on the extensibility of the dough and its improvement;
  • greater respect for hygiene standards;
  • reduction of space and work times.


Natural liquid yeast is a mixture made of flour, water and strains of yeasts and bacteria. This product is obtained through a particular technological process. Thanks to our fermenters, through the dosing of the product, the combined action of special electric stirrers and timed phases, we obtain natural liquid yeast with a sure and constant quality.

The automatic temperature regulation allows to reach the optimal pH, guaranteeing the ideal maturation of the dough.

Thanks to the automatic cooling system, fermentation is completely controlled even without an operator.

The fermenter is characterized by a great ease of functioning and maintenance, moreover, its structure, completely in stainless steel, guarantees maximum hygiene.